Simulated Hezbollah Scud missile attack from Lebanon's Beka Valley against Ben Gurion Airport, Israel

This simulation uses Google Earth to visualize a hypothetical Hezbollah Scud missile attack launched from Yahfoufa, Lebanon, a small village easily accessible from Syria and hidden among the hills bordering the Beqa Valley. The target -- Israel's Ben Gurion Airport, 147 miles to the southwest adjacent to heavily populated Tel Aviv.

For two-and-a-half minutes -- traveling at Mach 5, 3,750 mph -- the missile's ground track follows a path that reaches nearly 4,000 years back into the Bible to places associated with Abraham, to sites linked to Israel's kings and prophets, to Jesus' boyhood town of Nazareth and to the site of the future Armageddon.

To view the flight, readers must have Google Earth's plug-in installed on their computers. It often is installed automatically if Google Earth has been installed already.

Note: The many Biblical locations passed in the flight are identified with labels. In some cases, the labels don't display initially. If that occurs, simply click the Play/Pause button to stop the flight then click the button to resume. That usually resolves the problem.